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Monday, June 20, 2011

The final count

Ok, I'm done buying plants for the garden. If the stuff makes it, great. If not... learning experience.

Over the weekend I went out and got 4 more plants.

1) Straight-neck yellow squash. I like these sliced thin and saute'd with a little butter and a spritz of lemon juice.

2) Bush cucumber. Supposed to do well in containers. We shall see.

3) "Black Beauty" eggplant (aubergine). The one I got earlier was not the typical (pardon my french) uterus-shaped ones, but round. While the idea of great purple softballs is amusing, I am not certain I will like them, so these new ones will be more "normal" - presuming I can grow them. Again, we shall see.

4) A square pot with a square trellisy thing with a large-scale sweet green pepper plant. I really do hope this does well. Even if it does not, the pot is cute.

So that's it. Make it or break it. The container garden has:

1 pot of peas - doing exceptionally well. Making pea-flowers. Good.

1 pot of pole beans - the leaves look a little wrinkly, but they are climbing up the trellis nicely, and although they are a few weeks behind the peas, I think they will do ok as well.

1 box of lettuce - doing good. The leaves are getting bigger, and I've actually nipped off a few and put them on sandwiches. Not enough for a decent salad yet, but I will certainly do this again!

1 pot of 3 tomato plants. They seem to be doing ok. A few flower buds are coming on, although I'm not sure they will make baby tomatoes just yet. This planter needs a LOT of water.

2 pots of peppers. Banana peppers in one, big sweet green peppers in the other. They look awesomely healthy, but I've been fooled by peppers before. We'll see.

1 pathetic little pot of basil. And yet... it isn't dead.

1 pot with 2 kinds of eggplants (aubergines). Fingers crossed.

1 pot with a "bush" cucumber. Again with the finger crossing.

1 pot with a straight-neck squash plant. Crossing toes, as I've run out of fingers.