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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Off to the Garden Center

Without question, I am def. going to try and grow an eggplant (aubergine?) this year. I think I'll also try another tomato plant, but this time I WILL interplant dill and marigolds in the pot to try and keep the hornworms at bay.

Today the Octopus in the garden dies. It is a wild rosebush that I think got in there from the root stock of a pretty rosebush that I had back there years ago but it died. Every few years the root stock tries to grow again, and last year I let it go out of A) curiosity and B) pure laziness. I already hacked off one "arm" of it, today the rest goes.

My lettuces are up, albeit just as little 2-leaf sprouts - but I'm going to assume that bodes well for more leaves eventually. The peas are ... I think a cat is using the pot they are in for a litterbox, which if I find out it is the little grey cat who shredded my screens, I am going to be ... very angry.

I'm going to plant the beans today. Probably put the squash seeds into the garden as well.

It is bright and sunny, and I can see all the trees in the neighborhood really leafing out, so I'm going to take a 6-day bet and figure that the danger of frost damage is mostly gone. The tender plants - tomato and eggplant and whatever else I am moved to purchase will stay indoors for another week or so - I'm not quite THAT ready to bet that Mother Nature won't go postal on me!

I wonder how many of those red-states that have had the severe weather and wildfires are going to apply for federal aid? *wonders*